SOUND Literary Magazine

The lit mag on contemporary musico-poetics

SOUND is a literary magazine on musico-poetics exploring the way sound is thought about and utilized in contemporary poetry writing and reading styles.

As with other aspects of poetry, we believe that readings should be a melding of a poet’s honest expression with a musical and acoustic awareness.

SOUND is interested in many schools of poetry, and while we don’t believe that poetry and music are interchangeable terms, we do believe they are intrinsically joined. We don’t have a special interest in genres such as sound poetry or spoken word, but welcome insights from them.

A large part of SOUND centers around poetry reading styles. Through fresh insights and conversation about the art that is reading poetry, we hope to replace the reliance on “poet voice” with honesty, expressiveness, communication, and engagement.

SOUND is interested in the opinions of a wide range of poets and musicians: well-known, young established, and emerging. We believe that poetry is an intimate art, bodily, and specific to its creator just as dance and singing are. We hope to hear from you, to create a fresh well of knowledge on this lesser discussed aspect of poetry.

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